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  • Sales managers who are frustrated with declining sales
  • Salespeople struggling to increase sales revenues and build client bases
  • Recruiters and hiring managers wanting to secure top producing salespeople


Suzy Dudley - Author
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President and CEO

She’s now the CEO of Behavioral Sciences Research Press, but Suzanne C. Dudley literally grew up with the company. From an early age she worked on the “family farm” alongside acclaimed call reluctance researchers George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson. Eventually striking out on her own, she earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Texas at Dallas. After a successful career as a CPA she returned to BSRP in 2004 as Director of Finance, moving into the CEO role in 2018. Along the way she learned to conquer her own emotional barriers to success. Today Dudley’s real-world business acumen and no-nonsense approach add an invaluable practical dimension to the data-based sales and management solutions for which BSRP is renowned. She enjoys sharing her struggles and breakthroughs with others and is grateful every day for the opportunity to help change the lives and careers of success-seeking professionals around the world.


Director of Research

Trelitha R. Bryant has a passion for helping organizations redefine success once they have identified and removed their barriers. As the Director of Research for Behavioral Sciences Research Press, she has completed hundreds of statistical studies on the influence of fear on the performance of salespeople and other professionals who rely on visibility management to achieve their goals. Her rock-solid research background allows her to provide needed clarity in the sometimes-hyperbolic galaxy of sales training and self-help programs. She offers credible insight into topics related to sales personnel selection, psychological assessments, and multi-national research. Bryant has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Creighton University, has completed graduate coursework at Southern Methodist University, and has been a valuable part of the BSRP family since 1998.

Trelitha Bryant - Author
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